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Carpet Repair & Stretching in La Center, WA

carpet repair and stretching in La Center, WA

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If you’re looking for carpet repair or carpet stretching service in La Center, Washington, then look no further. At Mountain View Carpet Care Carpet Repair & Stretching, we emphasize quality and customer satisfaction for our services!

From the moment you call us to when we leave your house, we treat your experience as if it was our own! 

That’s why our process aims to have your carpet looking better than ever before.

How Our Carpet Repair Services Works

With the prices of replacing carpet being so high, a lot of times a better option is to simply repair it. Not only will it cost less but it will also be quick and easy. 

During our process, we may need to replace pieces in problem areas. In other situations, we may be able to fix it by stretching the carpet out a bit. This is done if the carpet is buckling or wrinkling. 

No matter what the issue is Mountain View can get the job done right and bring your carpet back to normal. Contact us today to schedule an appointment. 

Carpet Stretching Service in La Center, WA

Our carpet stretching services are aimed to repair carpets dealing with wrinkling and buckling. We use a power stretcher from an acnchor wall to pull the oppsite direction. The key to getting this done right is using a power stretcher. This will help make your carpets look like new!

affordable carpet repair and stretching service

The Best Carpet Repair Guarantee in La Center, Washington

At Mountain View Carpet Care, our services are backed by our 100% satisfaction guarantee. If you’re not totally satisfied with your carpet repair & stretching service we will come back to your home or office until you are! 

Frequently Asked Carpet Repair & Stretching Questions

Is carpet restretching worth it?
Carpet stretching can actually be necessary in many cases. This option will help extend the life of your carpet instead of having to replace it all. Which would cost a lot more than repairing it.
What’s the average cost of carpet repair services?
Homeowners end up paying on average, $150-$300 for carpet repairs. This is usually for tears or burns on the carpet. Patching and stretching can take care of that.
Is patching carpet possible?
Carpet patching is absolutely possible and it is a common option to repair carpet with. A professional from Mountain View will use carpet-seam tape and adhesive to help bring the carpet back to how it did on day 1!
How long does carpet normally last?
The average lifespan of carpet is between 5 and 15 years. However, this is a complicated question since this will depend on not only the quality of the carpet and padding but how much foot traffic it gets.

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