Oriental Rug Cleaning


Professional Oriental Rug Cleaning Vancouver WA. In keeping with tradition here at Mountain View Carpet Care, we are constantly striving to bring to our customers the highest quality service available. Throughout the past several years we have experienced an ever-increasing request to care for our client’s prized oriental rugs.

It was decided in the fall of 1996 that would open an Oriental rug cleaning division to serve the greater Vancouver Washington areas.  It was of utmost importance to us that whichever system we settled on using would have to give the ultimate care for our customer’s valued oriental rugs.   We did a great deal of investigative work to determine which system would fit our high standards of quality.

We have implemented a world-renowned authentic hand washing compressed air cleaning system for textiles. Our system enables us to clean oriental rugs from Iran (Persian Rugs), Pakistan, India, Turkey, Afghanistan and China in all sizes both wool and silk. Mountain View Carpet Care’s oriental rug cleaning will produce dramatic results on every rug. We use an instrument which hovers over the surface of the rug without ever coming into contact with the actual surface; this dislodges and totally removes the accumulation of dust and dirt right down to the warp and weft of the original weaving.

Oriental Rug Cleaning Vancouver WA

In detail Mountain View Carpet Care’s, oriental rug cleaning, system makes use of air under high pressure through a tool that lightly floats over the surface of a rug. When first applied billows of dust and dirt are dispersed, second and third time over loosen and remove whatever particles remain. Dust and dirt are not simply transferred elsewhere on the rug, they are thoroughly removed by a process of cleaning more gentle than beating, more thorough and reliable than any system of oriental rug cleaning presently in use.

The results of our cleaning process invite the challenges of microscopic inspection, Lying on specially made supporting mats rugs are repeatedly air-cleansed front, back and inside. Insects, larvae, grit, silica and infinitesimal grains of sand that have been collected and stored over the life of a rug are thoroughly removed. It is now, after all manageable dirt has been removed right down to the frailest fibers that washing and then drying takes place.

With our Oriental Rug Cleaning Vancouver WA, the rugs are washed in safely treated, softened water, using specially formulated shampoo. There is no dependence on old fashioned potentially damaging harsh cleaning fluids, caustic chemicals, stiff brushes, mechanical abrasion or scrapping. Air opens the nap and flushes out dirty waters; a vacuum principle with the use of compressed air dislodges the dirt. Water cleanses the rug from inside its foundation to the top of its nap.

All  work is performed by the IICRC Master textile. This is the industry highest level of training. This will insure that you and your oriental Rugs in Vancouver Wa are safe with us.

For the finest in Oriental Rug Cleaning give us a call today at Mountain View Carpet Care.