Commercial Carpet Cleaning

Commercial We are the leader in commercial carpet cleaning in Vancouver WA. We are proud of our list of satisfied customers. Customers like yourself, who were seeking the qualities you are looking for in a professional carpet and fabric care company. Service that is friendly, personal, meticulous and thorough, with attention to detail no matter how large or small the contract. These are the qualities Mountain View Carpet Care is known for. These standards and qualities are what have gained us the trust of your customers and have allowed us to be recognized as the industry leaders.


The equipment we use is referred to as a truck mounted mobile cleaning plant. Acknowledged throughout our industry and also by Shaw Industries, the world’s largest carpet manufacturer, as the most thorough system available, providing the highest capability of cleaning possible. Our trucks carry their own supply of softened water heated to 240 degrees.

This extra temperature is essential for the removal of stains and heavily soiled traffic areas. In addition to our tremendous heat, the vacuum power we are able to drive from harnessing the power of the V-Twin engine of the truck mount is nothing short of spectacular. In fact if we had enough vacuum hose to reach to the top of the Space Needle we would still have 95% vacuum power. This increased vacuum power ensures very fast drying time and further ensures that no chemical residue is ever left behind causing carpets to re-soil. Our truck mounted mobile cleaning plants clean deeper dry faster and prolong the duration between cleanings better than any other system out there in our market place.

Making The Right Choice

Deciding who to care for your carpet and fabric needs can be a difficult one. Do you use your janitorial people, or do you call in a carpet and fabric cleaning professional? Major companies in Vancouver and Portland agree, let the janitorial people look after the janitorial needs and let Mountain View Carpet Care be your carpet and fabric care professional. We have made substantial investments in our truck mounted mobile cleaning plants and know how to look after your carpet and fabric investment. The choice couldn’t be any clearer: choose Mountain View Carpet Care as your professional. See the difference we can make! You are safe with us!