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Carpet Cleaning in Lake Shore, WA

profession carpet cleaning services in lake shore wa. Mountain View Carpet Care is a premier company in lake shore wa

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Looking For Carpet Cleaning Services In Lake Shore WA?

You’re lucky, many people are never able to find us. Having 500+ five-star reviews, clients do seem to appreciate our high level of quality craftsmanship. While the competition is cutting corners to remain competitive, we keep cleaning them.

What Certification Means

The IICRC is a recognized authority figure for regulating carpet cleaning standards. All of our technicians are trained and certified through them. This means that you get the industry’s highest level of quality each time and every time.

How Are We Different?

Our trained staff members are friendly, knowledgeable, and capable to assist with your need. When calling Mountain View Carpet Cleaning, you will be talking to an experienced technician, not someone hired to answer the phones.

We take pride in professionalism and do our best to dress and act the part. The service technician will arrive on time, driving a marked company vehicle. We treat your home with the same care and respect as our own. Hard surfaces are covered with blankets and guards are used to protect wall corners. We are very proactive about caring for your home.

Our Process

First, we walk your home, examining every room for spots, stains, and traffic areas. Our pre-spray solution is custom mixed, on the spot, based upon the debris we have observed. After treating an area, we use mechanical agitation to accelerate the soil suspension process. These mild cleaners effectively loosen dirt, obliterate the residue, and eliminate offensive pet odor. Finally, we extract all the nasties using hot water extraction, also known as steam cleaning.

Green Carpet Care Is A Healthier & Responsible Choice

Green Commercial Carpet Cleaning

Family health is our primary concern. We are exposed to these products on a daily basis as well. So, we do have a dog in the game. Seeking out top-notch products was non-negotiable. After testing dozens of products, we have hand-selected the safest and most effective. Our green cleaners are made with natural and organic materials from renewable sources. My son has asthma. We have been using them for ten years and he has never had an issue. For those with young children, small pets, or respiratory issues, Green Carpet Cleaning is a healthier alternative to the harsher chemicals used by other companies. We trust using them in our own homes and you can too.

The Best Carpet Cleaning Guarantee in Lake Shore, Vancouver, Washington

At Mountain View Carpet Care, our services are backed by our 100% satisfaction guarantee. If you’re not totally satisfied with your carpet cleaning service we will come back to your home or office until you are! 

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